Saturday, March 31, 2007

Baking paraphernalia. (or lack of)

I'm a university student. Who tries to keep the amount of items I have to put away into storage every summer at a minimum. Hence the number of kitchen items I actually own are few. For baking I usually use; 1. a large mixing bowl (to throw all the ingredients in), 2. a sieve (for sifting flour, cocoa and all the powdery stuff), 3. a cheapo hand-held mixer (it's a Kenwood one, but the most basic), 4. baking trays of various sizes, 5. accomodation office provided pots and pans, 6. the kitchen oven and stove, and 7. an old wooden spoon. Until recently, I had no weighing scales, I relied on my trusty little measuring cup, scouring online for measurement conversions whenever I needed them. Yes, I'm too much of a cheapskate to buy a set of scales. But my flatmate just bought one, what a rugby player would need a set of kitchen scales for I'm not sure. But I'm not complaining =)
As for other what I consider to be non-essential items, I improvise. Don't have a rolling pin? Flatten the dough with a baking tray or my hands. No piping bag? Pfft. Cut a hole into a ziplock bag and pipe from that. Of course, it may not work for all recipes but I've been pretty selective over the recipes that I've opted to mess around with so far.
Haven't really decided what I'm going to do with this blog yet, it'll most probably be food photos with a few random recipes when I feel like it. But if I do post recipes up, rest assured that they'll be more or less fail proof, I have to illusions about being a good cook. But I do have fun trying.

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