Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Typical Chinese dinner...

... if everyday were a celebration and we had unlimited funds.

I know, I know, it's been like forever since I've updated but I have very good reasons (or excuses). I'll try to make this a slightly longer post. Firstly, I have discovered that I hate my internet connection. The last few times I tried uploading photos to blogger it kept hanging. Secondly, I've just been having way too much fun eating and catching up with old friends. =D

Speaking of old friends, a dear high-school friend of my parent's celebrated her 50th birthday last week. Dinner was held at the Overseas Restaurant in Jalan Imbi, one of the 'it' Chinese restaurants in Kuala Lumpur and for good reason too. The food was great overall, I'll just let you drool over the photos. Appreciate the pics they were not easy to take amidst a table of starving 'young adults'. Although we no longer allow ourselves to be called the 'kiddy table', I guess that's what we'll always be to the parents.

The classic 'four seasons' to start off dinner.

A really rich shark's fin soup.
(I found this a bit too starchy for my taste)

This little piggy became roast piglet.

Steamed garoupa fish.
This was delicious and really fresh.

Black pepper lamb.
Tasted a bit strong, if you know what I mean.
Lamb has quite a unique taste of it's own.

Spinach with deep fried century eggs.
This was... interesting.

Missing photo of fried noodles.
Was feeling really stuffed at this point.

And lastly, some honey, sea coconut and lychee.
As full as I was, I just had to slurp this down.

I think it's really wonderful that my parents have managed to keep in touch with their high school friends over all these years. I can only hope that it'll be the same for myself and my friends. You know I love you guys ;) Miss you lot everyday.


MeltingWok said...

Ok ger, stuff yourself silly. Don't come back until you're well fed 'k ? Cheers !:) Weather must be hot hor ? Die lah, I hope I don't get those regular migraines I used to get when I'm home :(

~Bee Nee~ said...

meltingwok: it is very hot =( Hope you don't get migranes too. Stay in air conditioned areas =)

Mike said...

I looove chinese food. I think I could probably eat it every day :)

~Bee Nee~ said...

mike: I get to eat chinese food almost everyday. Hehe...

Mike said...

No fair :P

I may just have to order some for dinner tonight :D