Friday, June 08, 2007

My Five Summer Goals

I promised Mike ages and ages ago that I would do this 5 goals thingy after my finals. Basically you're supposed to jot down 5 personal goals, of any kind. The possibilities are endless!

But I choose to be slightly dull. So here they are; my 5 summer goals. Food-related, of course.

1. Take up cooking lessons from grandmum. Always learn from the best.
2. Start cooking meals for the family. It’s time to get over my aversion to cooking proper meals. One cannot survive on baked goods alone.
3. Buy a nice shiny new oven to play with, according to mummy the one at home has decided to die = ( Any recommendations?
4. Nose around for a good baking/cake decorating course. Again, does anyone have any recommendations in this area? Was considering the Whilton Method Cake Decorating Course in PJ.
5. And of course eat, eat, eat, eat, and eat some more. Need to work my way down my list of things I want to eat while I’m home. Seeing that my list is basically a huge flashing sign in my mind with “EVERYTHING” on it, this might take a while. Anyone want to join me?

I’m honestly not sure who reads my blog so dunno who to pass it to. You’re welcome to grab it if you like =)

Ipohchai, I’ll get to your tag next. Give me time. I am after all busy hollidaying =P


Mike said...

Hehe...I totally forgot I'd tagged you for this :D

I continue to tell friends about your blog, so I hope you've at least picked up a few readers that way :)

I'd be happy to join you with eating "everything" except I already eat enough as it is :P

Gallivanter said...

Eat eat eat eat...amen! :-)