Friday, August 17, 2007

I like soooo found my dream job!

In last Thursday's edition of The Star:

Wanted: Food Writer (Journalist)

FOOD Writer

Such an ideal job scope...

Job scope:

This is a job for someone who enjoys multitasking.
I am such a multitasking pro wei; can talk on the phone, watch tv and blog all at the same time.

Responsibilities include being a food scout
I like new places.

restaurant and wine critic
woohoo I get to be all posh, poised and snooty.

food stylist

recipe tester

and dish washer
erm... can larh... I'm pretty tidy around the kitchen.

You are expected to be able to conduct food research and tasting independantly
good food can be good company =)

And now let's see how perfect I am for this perfect job...


Someone with a lot of drive, passion, conviction, a great sense of adventure, a modern outlook and an intelligent, analytical and inquiring mind.
Me! Me! Me! Me! Me!

A foodie with no food inhibitions and a large capacity.
I may be pint-sized but I have a hugeeee appetite.

You feel equally at home chowing down in the streets or in a fine-dining restaurant.
I'm your typical Malaysian, unfazed by finding the stray hair in my food but my alter ego love posh restaurants with champagne and foie gras.

You are aware and concerned about the onslaught of fast food (yes, but doesn't mean I'll stop eating it, moderation's key), GMO (don't mess with mother nature ppl!), chemical additives in food (boo MSG) and uhealthy farming practices (go organic!), and want to do something about it (serious, bride-like expression: I do, I really really do.)

You must possess a formidable command of the English language.
English Language undergraduate, present!

Not more than 35 years old.

I have many more years to go. Yes, this is me gloating about my age. =P

If you think you possess many of the skills mentioned above and consider this a dream job.
Eh, I just dedicated a whole post(not to mention a long one) to this job which I can't even apply for yet wei!

I still have one year to go before I complete my degree!!!! *Sobs* I doubt they'll wait one year. So come on you other foodies out there apply apply (and when I'm out in the big bad world of job hunting next year, think of me =D) Deadline's August 25th, e-mail me for details.

Sigh... Dream job... One day. Till then I'll just keep eating la.


Mike said...

Wow, it's like they wrote the job descriptions and requirements with you in mind ;P

~Bee Nee~ said...

mike: That's what i think!!!

xin said...

wow. sure no catch behind it? where to find such perfect job man!

~Bee Nee~ said...

xin: hehe yeah sounds so nice right?