Saturday, January 26, 2008

Generation Gap - Part 1.

My wise, old, experienced, all-knowing grandmamma bakes from the heart.

Me, I need measurements. I need the measurements!!!!
Grams, cups, spoons, something!

I've decided that since I'm stuck here in the UK for Chinse New Year (for the last year, hopefully) I'd try to make some of my grandmother's cookies and get a taste of home. So I called her for her recipes.

Me: Er, Amah can give me some Chiniese New Year cookie recipes?
Amah: Can.. What you want to make? You sure you want to make, will take a lot of time.
Me: Uhm, try only la. Can tell me how to make kueh bangkit? (for the less informed, they're the yummy, white, melt-in-your mouth, coconutty thingys)
Amah: You need tapioca flour, can get anot.
Me: I think can la. (which actually I can't so that plan's scrapped for now)
How much flour?
Amah: 5 katis.
Me: Errrr... what's a kati? (when was the last time anyone used katis?!!!?)
Amah: 600 grams.
Me: Oh.


Amah: So like 3 kgs flour.
Me: *thinks with that amount, I can open my own small scale industry*
Errrr, okay.

To Be Continued.
Along with my other CNY cookie escapades.

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