Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Ok, so I may have gone a teensy bit overboard...

... with the Pineapple Tarts.
They're everywhere!

Pineapple Tarts.

Pineapple Tarts on plates.

Unbaked Pineapple Tarts.

Baked Pineappe Tarts.

(btw there are actually more these are the ones that weren't eaten during baking so there were probably around 220 in total.)

Pineapple Tarts in Boxes.

A parting photo of yes,
Pineapple Tarts.

Well, I did spend six hours making the Pineapple Jam so I guess it was only fair that I spent six hours making the Pineapple Tarts.
I think I've had quite enough of pineapple tart making for this Chinese New Year.

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pablopabla said...

Would it last till CNY? I would have popped a couple of day every couple of hours if I can get my hands on them. LOL!

~Bee Nee~ said...

pablopabla: haha i would too. that's why they're now all packed and sealed in tupperwares waiting for CNY.

Empyreal Winds said...

i saw my knee!

Anucia said...

Hi there, I was browsing around looking for somewhere I could get my hands on a jam tart press and stumbled upon your page. Do you know where I could get the tart press? I've been looking everywhere..

Lovely tarts, btw!

~Bee Nee~ said...

Hi Anucia,

I didn't use a tart press for these i just used a jam tart cookie cutter thingy which i bought from the kitchen section in jusco supermarket. hope it helps =)