Friday, February 01, 2008

Old School Peanut Cookies.

Just like Amah makes.

Well at least I think so, with all the measurement issues.

Taste's pretty authentic anyway in my opinion.

Ordinary, shelled, skinned peanuts.
(Okay, I didn't shell and skin them they came like that)
And the work starts...

Fry, or roast until fragrant.
(not burnt)

Grind finely in blender.

Mix with caster sugar, wheat flour and water.

roll into balls, poke small wells and fill with egg.
(I still don't know what the egg is for, but my grandma always does it)


Yummy, crumbly, peanut cookies.


zthon said...

they look great. *drools*
sure very yummy right?

~Bee Nee~ said...

zthon: my housemates and I think so =)

chilipadicello said...

@~@ omg... do u do delivery to manchester? and pineapple tarts as well? *drooling all over the computer* haha... all the food here looks fabulous! oh why dost thou tempt me so!

yi-wen x