Thursday, August 23, 2007

Meet Pat.

This little feller sits at my desk at work. I'm not sure where he came from or what's his name, so I shall just call him Pat. Pat the dog. Get it? Oh dear, I'm so lame.

Hello Pat.

Pat has Chinese Takeaway. Pat likes Chinese food (I think)

Aha, Pat spots a Banana-Walnut Muffin.

*Sniffs* Hmm... Smells good.

Decisions, decisions what shoult Pat eat first?

"May I have this yummy smelling muffin?"
"Pretty please?" (Big puppy dog eyes)

Sorry Pat. I ate the muffin.
(It was good btw, thanks Elaine =D)

Pat sulks. Aww poor pat.
*Pats Pat* Geddit yet?

Pat is still sad.

He decides to drown his sorrows by diving into a vat of cheesecake.
(Which was also delish, thanks Elaine's mum!)

Thus ends the story of Pat.

Don't worry folks, Pat didn't really drown in cheesecake. He's still at my desk today, staring at another huge muffin courtesy of Elaine.


elaine said...

you're most welcome :o)

diane said...

so cute! nice post! haha! i like the photo where the muffin has been eaten..hehe!

~Bee Nee~ said...

elaine: =D

diane: Thanks! The dog just looks so perfectly tragic. Hehe..

Anonymous said...

So this is what you do at work? hard at work