Wednesday, February 27, 2008

For the chocoholics out there.

A quick peek at the amount of chocolate that goes into baking. Well, into my baking anyway.

I do love my chocolate.

Probably my favourite shelf in my room.

Cocoa powder.
For that chocolately punch.
And dusting tiramisu(s).

My beloved.
Lindt Excellence Dark.
Goes into everything that requires dark chocolate.
I use this a lot.

And I mean a lot.
This stack would last me for maybe 3 weeks max.
On a good baking phase that is.

For the rare moments where I feel the price of Lindt
is to much for my purse to bear.

Chocolate chips.
Are not just for chocolate chip cookies.
Among their many other uses, they can be melted down for chocolate mice.

Mainly for decorating.
Sometimes for snacking.

Chocolate sprinkes are always useful.

Flavoured powders for dusting.
Cinnamon, Irish Cream, Amaretto and of course, Chocolate.

Ok, admittedly the Nutrageous and Snickers bars are for snacking.
But it won't be long before I find ways to incorporate them into my baking.
I won't just stop at Snickers Brownies.

Oh, and if anyone happened to notice that I don't have any cooking chocolate bar thingys among my stacks of chocolate, truth be told, I can't stand them. Give me good quality eating chocolate to use in recipes anyday.

After all that chocolate talk, I think I'm off to make a batch of brownies. Tata.


eyeris said...

ooooooh.. chocolates.... I'm a sucker for kit-kats and Hershey's Special Dark chocolate (preferably with nuts) myself. can't get enough of them...

F.R.E.D.Y said...

Holycow, u sure tht's all in yr shelf? haha.. amazing n fatty! lolx..

~Bee Nee~ said...

eyeris: chocolate goooood =D

f.r.e.d.y: fattening for the people i bake for.. heh heh.. and most of that chocolate's gone already time for me to restock!

diane said...

thanks bee nee for the tiramisu recipe..
chocolate is heavenly..haha!

annE said...

it is decided. in the (near) future my house will have a chocolate shelf too! with a special corner for snickers n nutrageous bars...haha!!

~Bee Nee~ said...

anne: good idea! i'll contribute!