Sunday, October 28, 2007

Happy Birthday Wan.

Anddd I'm back to cupcakes, told you it'd be a short break.

For the first time ever, I shall make a birthday post on my blog which is on time. On the ACTUAL DAY ITSELF. I'm so proud of myself.

Enough about me for now. Meet Wan. Wan turns 21 today. Sooo...
Happy birthday Wan!

The red-eyed one on the left is Wan.
In case you're wondering.

And here are Wan's birthday cupcakes.
I think maybe my decorating is getting a wee bit better.
Oh btw, those are Nutella cupcakes i posted about them here not too long ago.
Everyone loves Nutella.

And for those people that commented there was only one 'P',
it's a P-squared.
So there.

Childish people.
My cupcakes are not bad at all, wei.
They're very tasty cupcakes.

As you may have guessed by now, I'm pretty pleased with these last-minute *cough* painstakingly time-consuming cupcakes.
I think I deserve a dinner.

Don't you think so Wan?


Wan Zainuddin said...

surely, you MUST have a good picture of me, i.e. one that's not showing me smoking, drinking, drunk, making a fool of myself, or making an ass of myself.

just plain old Wan.

the greatest living being on this Earth.

but excellent cupcake. dinner it is!

~Bee Nee~ said...

wan: my blog, my choice of photos. i'm sure your magnificence still shows.

wan zainuddin said...

i look like a homeless hobo! complete with drunken swaying even!


The Expedited Writer said...

oh my, i have got to try some of your many options and all so pretty!

Nurlea Laurielle said...

Dearest Miss Bee Nee...

Just wanting to let you in advance (before anybody else does... hiks!), I will/ shall/ about to use one of your cake/ cupcake pictures (Picture = as an attachment in my latest post, a birthday wish to a friend name 'Wan' as well. I will credit your name/ link back to your blog from mine, for this picture. If by any chance you feel that the picture shouldn't be in my post, please let me know and I shall remove it asap. But really, hope you don't mine... :)

Thanks again! Cheers!